The legend of Gallo Nero

Carlo Cantalici with a glass of his Chianti Classico Wine and a black roosterCantalici winery lies in the area called “chianti Classico”, probably it’s the most famous and known in all over the world for the wine. The symbol of Chianti Classico is the black rooster.

Why just a black rooster? Of course, it is not a very known and present animal here, nowadays and there is not a direct link to the production of the wine.
But the symbol of black rooster is today a synonymous of excellent wine of the best quality and represents a standard of uniqueness.
The origin of this symbol is very ancient, it was used by the Lega del Chianti, which was a political and military institution created by the Republic of Florence to control Chianti area. Behind the choice of this small animal, there is a story which is half a legend and half an historical fact.

The origin of the symbol of the Gallo Nero: the legend

Video of a black Rooster at the Cantalici Winery in Gaiole in ChiantiDuring Middle Ages, the Republic of Florence and the Republic of Siena, fought to have the control over the Chianti Area. After many year of bloody wars, they decided to settle the borders between the two republics by an unusual agreement: a sort of competition.
A day was specified and awaked by the crow of a roosted, a knight would ride from Siena and another knight from Florence, the point where they met would be become the border.
How to set the hours to stat riding? They decided the first crow of the rooster gave starting of race.

The Sienese people chose a white rooster, Florentines instead chose a black rooster.

The Florentines put in an cage and starved for many days their rooster so that on fixed day, the black roster was very hungry and started crowing before so that the Florentine knight got a head start in comparison with knight of Siena.
Sienese rooster woke up crowing at dawn and the two knights met just a few kilometers outside Siena and the border between the two Republics was set there.
In all over the world, today, the black rooster is the symbol of an unique and inimitable: Chianti Classico.

The symbol of the Gallo Nero on our wine bottles

To have some information in more about the wine at the first glance, it’s sufficient to see on the neck of each bottle: if you see the label with symbol of Gallo Nero, that’s Chianti Classico wine.

Our wines Chianti Classico, with the Black Rooster label are the following:

  • Chianti Classico Baruffo - Reserve
    An intense Chianti Classico Reserve, fragrant, soft and fresh. Excellent to be pairing with grilled meat and roasts.
  • Chianti Classico Baruffo
    Intense ruby ​​red is the color of this 100% Sangiovese: balanced, but characterized by a lashing acidity which makes it ideal to serve with stews or game.
  • Chianti Classico Cantalici
    Cantalici Wine: tannic, balanced and persistent. Excellent for pasta dishes with sauce or stewed meat.
  • Chianti Classico DOCG Gran Selezione
    Our Chianti Classico Gran Selezione has such an intense color: it wraps the palate and is fully persistent. To be pared to honor equally strong flavors.
  • Chianti Classico Reserve Messer Ridolfo
    The passage in small wooden barrels of the Chianti Classico Reserve “Messer Ridolfo”  is recognized by the hints of sweet tobacco and structured taste. Excellent for roasts and cheeses.

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