Terms & Conditions
Pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005 “Consumer Code”


Società Agricola L’Antica Fornace di Ridolfo ss through express couriers, delivers products ordered by the customer to the address indicated on the purchase order. The goal of Società Agricola L’Antica Fornace di Ridolfo is to protect and guarantee perfect preservation of our products during the shipping. For this reason, we use the greatest care in packaging our products using special boxes that protect the contents from temperature fluctuations and accidental impacts.
For customized shipments or for any other requests contact us at: sales@cantalici.it


We inform you that, pursuant art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 2003, data provided during registration at this site are collected for the shipment and the billing of the order. If any requested data is missing, the order will not be processed.
Società Agricola L’Antica Fornace di Ridolfo ss is obligated to treat all data provided confidentially and not disclose such data to unauthorized people or use them for purposes other than those listed here, unless explicitly requested by the customer. Such data might be disclosed, after signing a confidentiality agreement, to partners and employees responsible for their preservation and carrying out the activities referred to above and will be used exclusively for the purpose of the service provided. Furthermore, such data will be disclosed at the request of the authorities authorized by law.


Società Agricola L’Antica Fornace di Ridolfo ss guarantees that the delivered products are equal to those indicated and described on the site. It also guarantees the storage of the products until the delivery to the location indicated on the order. The images on this site are provided for the customer in order to facilitate the recognition of products; due to variations in the packaging, the images might not accurately reflect the appearance of the products delivered.
As required by the Consumer Code D.LGS 206/2005 (former withdrawal right) the customers of Società Agricola L’Antica Fornace di Ridolfo ss benefit from the money back guarantee if not satisfied by receiving refund and the possibility to return the purchased products within 10 working days from receiving them, except in the case that the products, because of their nature, cannot be returned. The withdrawal right is applied to the physical person who acts for purposes not referable to his/her profession; for this reason the purchases carried out by retailers and companies are excluded from this right.


To request a refund, the customer may send a letter or e-mail to Società Agricola L’Antica Fornace di Ridolfo ss within 10 working days from receiving the merchandise. The customer must indicate the product/products for which he/she intends to exercise the withdrawal right.

  • To exercise the withdrawal right it is necessary to return the purchased products in good condition without removing the original labels.
  • The returned items must be accurately packed in order to protect the original covers from any damage, writing or labeling.
  • The products must be returned through courier express at the customer’s expense.
  • We recommend using a traceable and insured shipping method, as Società Agricola L’Antica Fornace di Ridolfo ssis not responsible for loss, damage and failure to deliver the merchandise.
  • Società Agricola L’Antica Forance di Ridolfo sswill refund the merchandise, after the contents and the condition of the products are inspected, within 30 days of receiving the request from the customer.

For any communication regarding complaints, you might use the following e-mail address: : sales@cantalici.it


Società Agricola L’Antica Fornace di Ridolfo ss commits to put the products currently available on the site. In the event that the products are not currently in stock, or the producer is not able to guarantee delivery on time, it will be the responsibility of Società Agricola L’Antica Fornace di Ridolfo ss to adequately indicate that the product is unavailable.
The submission of the order by the customer will be considered as acceptance of delivery, even partial, of available products with respect to the order as well as a waiver of damages or compensations.
Società Agricola L’Antica Fornace di Ridolfo ss agrees under law, to promptly inform the customer of the unavailability of any product ordered, to agree on the continuation of the order or its modification with similar products. If interested in a product not currently available, the customer is asked to send an e-mail to let Società Agricola L’Antica Fornace di Ridolfo ss provide more precise information.


Product prices listed in the various sections of this site include VAT. The prices charged are those listed on the site at the time of order. The prices of individual products are subject to change. The price of products, along with the cost of delivery, must be paid by the customer when ordering online by anticipated bank transfer, or PayPal.


The invoice will be issued and sent with the shipment or by email. When ordering, we ask the customer to please include a phone number in case there is a need to be contacted.