Vinsanto Baruffo

Vinsanto on the table is tradition.

Vinsanto at the end of the meal is… a kiss.

Vinsanto is a sweet finish

Paired with the traditional Cantuccini Biscuits is a sip of sweetness that you need to try one time in your life.

If you love cheese, it is a perfect food paring to share with your friend or your family.

Strong Cheese like Pecorino cheese, blu cheese, Goat cheese.

Remeber: Persistence of the wine and the persistence of the food need to be well balanced!

Try it at home! Vinsanto Baruffo!

Welcome Spring!

The pure air of Tuscany!

Finally a wonderful day with warm temperatures to enjoy!

During the next days we will tell you the news of this new season 2019.

Many restaurants and many hotels start to open again for the new season.

We wait you every day for wine tours and tastings of wine and Olive Oil too.

Fun and relax!

You can book the tasting on our website

We wait you!

Cantalici and the ProWein Wine Fair!

We want to remember you the appointment in our Stand 16 J 26 Vigne Felici from 17 to 19 March in Dusseldorf!

You will have the possibility to taste our products with the help to our Staff that will help you to describe all the different wines that you can taste!

Visit our website to have more info about our products!

A White Goodmorning

During this night the Chianti Classico Hills have received the presence of the snow!

There were no problems to travel on the roads because the snow was not so much and the sun of the early morning have helped to disappear.

Our Logo “Cantalici” with the snow.


Our Products? You can found this on-line too!

Do you have visited our website? You can found our On-line Shop where you can buy all the products that you need!

Not every year is possible to come back to visit us. But you can remember our winery and our staff if you order the products by our website!

Wine, Olive-oil, dessert wine, Grappa… everything that you need is here!

  • Visit our Website
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  • You will see all our products with the different info. So you will be totally informed about our products!
  • Choose the products that you want to receive at home. There are no limits and you can mix wine and Olive Oil too!
  • Write your name, your address and all the info necessary for the shipping company. Decide the payment method and… you will receive a mail from us for the confirm!
  • You will receive a mail by the shipping company when you order is travelling!

Have fun with the “Wine-Shopping”!

The T-Bone Steak and our Chianti Classico

195/5000 When you arrive in the territory of the Chianti Classico we always remember an image that everybody love… the Florentine Steak accompanied by a glass of Chianti Classico!

You can found in each Restaurant of this area!

It’s necessary to have the T Bone Steak in the menu in a restaurant!

The T-Bone Steak have another name “Under three fingers it’s Carpaccio” because it is very high and so juicy!
You can pair it with our Chianti Classico Baruffo!

But how this Chianti Classico can be perfect with the T Bone Steak?

The T Bone Steak is famous to be rich of Sauce, rich of taste… and it’s normal to accompain it with a sip of our Extra Virgin Olive oil! It’s so yummy!

It’s necessary to have an acid wine and rich in tannins to “wash” our palate. The meat is rich of fatness so we need a wine that could help us!

Our Chianti Classico Baruffo it’s perfect! Try it at home and you will be… Surprised!

We are open during the Weekend too!

From 1st March we are open everyday… Weekend too!

Our Staff is waiting you!

We are open for Wine Tasting, Wine Tour, Shipping and Shopping!

To book your wine tasting you can visit our website and you can choose one of the 4 different types of Tastings!

Taste with us our products!
  1. Wine Tour and tasting of 8 wines and Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting
  2. Wine Tour and tasting of 6 wines and Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting
  3. Wine Tour and tasting of 4 wines and Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting
  4. Grappa di Vinsanto “Baruffo” Riserva tasting
You will leave with a big SMILE!

You need only to choose the day of your arrive, the number of the persons and we will do the rest!

We wait you!

See you to Prowein!

From 17 to 19 March there is the Prowein wine fair in Dusseldorf!

Welcome March! The first wine fair of the month will be the famous Prowein in Dusseldorf

You can found us to the Stand 16 J 26 Vigne Felici, where you will have the occasion to meet our Staff and the Wine producer!

Unforgettable event that every year collect many wine lovers from all over the world!

If you can’t meet us in Prowein, you can meet us to Vinitaly in Verona in April!

5 Tips for a good wine tasting!

Here some tips to have a perfect wine tasting!

There are some rules to respect to face a tasting and enjoy it as well as possible!

  1. Tasting in the Morning! We talk about lucidity. In the morning we are in full focus and it will be much easier to concentrate on the characteristics of the wine that we have in the glass!
  2. No Coffee! No Cigarettes! It is a good rule not to smoke and do not drink coffee before a tasting! The coffee will leave a bitter taste in your mouth that will influence the olfactory taste sensations of your wine! Same for smoking!
  3. No Spicy food!

    If you are eating and you have a bottle of wine to enjoy, it would be better to avoid spicy foods.

  4. Taste it! But in moderation … After some tastings our palate remains a little “neutralized”, in practice the alcohol starts to circulate in our body. For this reason it is a good rule to use Sputavino  that will help you to better face more tastings! So simply tastes and… spits!

  5. Between each taste of wine, take another sip… of water! It will be the best strategy to clean up our mouth from the wine we had just tasted!

Taste it with moderation!

Taste our products with us!

We are waiting for you in our winery to have a tasting with us!

Visit our website and choose the one that’s right for you!

Wine’s Temperature!

Each wine have the perfect temperature,

We will help you to organize as well as possible the temperature for each wine that you have!

If we talk about a white wine and a Rosé wine we talk about a temperature that varies from 8 to 10 degrees. For a mature or well-structured white, it also speaks of 11/12 degrees!

Red wines have a special temperature…

Remember that the temperature depends by the structure of the wine!

Young red wines need to be served between 12 and 14 degrees!

Red wines of medium structure and tannins (Our Chianti Classico Baruffo and Cantalici) 16/18 degrees.

The red wines with great structure (the Chianti Classico Riserva Baruffo, Messer Ridolfo, the Cantalici Gran Selezione and the Tangano) require a temperature of 18 degrees.

Don’t be afraid… it’s so easy! The next time you have friends at dinner you will not make a bad impression … and the wine will thank you!

Advanced Bread? Don’t throw it away!

The Tuscan bread … strictly unsalted is the indispensable ingredient for one of the most traditional recipes of the region: The Bread Soup!

It is normal to have some leftover bread during the week.

Many people throw it, now hard, dry and impossible to reuse during meals …

In Tuscany you never throw away, even as soon as we see those small pieces of bread advanced comes to mind just one rececipt… BREAD SOUP!

A delicious and simple recipe to prepare!

Thanks to this poor Tuscan recipe, our grandparents managed to feed entire families thanks to that bread that went on during the days.

With the addition of cabbage, beans and carrots … this dish is famous throughout Tuscany and there is no restaurant that does not propose it in the menu!

Salt, pepper and finally a string of strictly Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil to give it that bitter and slightly spicy note.

A bottle of red wine, our IGT Petali Rosso 100% Sangiovese will perfectly accompany this dish and thanks to its acidity will remove the greasiness of the dish to make each bite more appetizing than the previous one!

For those wishing to try to revive the recipe, no one forbids making changes!

Some add us the potatoes, who prefers a bit of dried tomatoes ..

Try it at home too! Have fun and … Buon Appetito!

Valentine’s Day… Have fun TOGETHER!

Wine Tasting’s Gift!

If you are tired of the usual and monotonous Valentine’s Day… have fun together with a wine and oil tasting! Visit our website and choose the day and time of your arrival, choose the tasting that may interest you and we’ll take care of the rest! And for the most hungry … choose a restaurant in the area to taste the local products! It will be a wonderful day!
“Il Vino prepara i cuori e li rende più pronti alla PASSIONE” Cit. Ovidio

Two very important Wine Fair in Florence!

The event of the Chianti Classico Collection every year gives great emotions and great surprises, especially this year that is open to the public!

On February 11th and 12th in Florence at the Stazione Leopolda you will find us at table number 146!

You will be able to taste our new vintages of Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva and the Grand Selection!

It will be the perfect time to get to meet our staff and get information on the vintages available for tasting.

Do not miss it!

On the 8th and 9th of February at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence you will find us at the Buy Wine!

The Tuscan wines will be the protagonists for this ninth edition, a reference event for importers from all over the world!

February in Florence for the staff Cantalici!

Don’t forget the two special events:

For Social Lovers we remeber the different Hastag to share the two events!

Chianti Classico Collection: #CCC19 #GalloNero #ChiantiClassico

Buy Wine: #BuyWine2019 #tusccanwine #tuscany #TuscanyWineWeek #wineweek

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The benefits of Extra Virgin Olive-Oil

It’s incredible how much olive oil we can use during the day.

ExtraVergine Olive Oil (EVOO) means an oil that come from the first pressing of olives.

The best process of extraction of Olives is a Cold Press to not affect its innate quality.

Olio ExtraVergine

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used a lot in the Italian Cuisine

It is a good rule to accompany all dishes of meat, fish, soups and bruschetta.

Why we should use the Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • Protects the liver
  • Help the digestion
  • Regulate the intestine
  • Help the Skin

Do you have Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Home? Taste our Olive Oil!

With the cold pressing of our olives, Leccino Moraiolo and Frantoio is an olive oil that conquers the palate thanks to its natural bitterness and light spiciness!

You can buy our Extra Virgin Olive Oil on our website

You can buy in bottle or if you prefer we have also the Inox Tanks!