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The Cantalici brothers began their adventure in the mid-nineties.

Up to then they had worked in forestry with their father Loris, tending the woods that alternate with vineyards on the sweetly sloping Tuscan hills, until 1995 when Carlo and Daniele decided to specialize in wine growing techniques.

Their service company was quickly to become a reference point for wine-growers in the area.

Today, it continues to grow, and cater to an ever growing number of clients who request their skills in creating olive groves and vineyards, with services ranging from vine spacing and exposure to actual planting.

The origins

The growing consensus encouraged Carlo and Daniele to set up their own winery, putting their years of experience in the field to work for themselves. They saw it as a chance to create a product that would reflect all their love and talent for winemaking.

These were the beginnings of the Cantalici Winery, a dynamic new company that planted its first vines in 1999 and is already a member of the Chianti Classico Consortium.

Ancient Kiln

The first documentary evidence of the “fornace” (kiln) can be found on a map of the area from between 1583 and 1585. It identifies the building as “Fornace di Ridolfo Zati” – its owner at the time.

A member of an old and wealthy Florentine family, Ridolfo Zati acquired the property where the kiln stood in 1556 as part of the dowry of his marriage to the only daughter of another wealthy Florentine citizen, Giovanni di Stefano Covoni who owned many estates near Castagnoli.

Even though his name is on the map there is some question as to whether or not Zati completed the work on the kiln.

Between the end of the ’60s and early ’70s almost  the Castagnoli holding was on sale and Loris Cantalici purchased it in 1972.

The rest is recent history. The rebirth of the kiln, with its centuries-long heritage and its place in the living memory of the local social fabric proceeds alongside the venture of Carlo and Daniele.

The Cantalici brothers have thus created the perfect accommodation for wine lovers, where the estate’s wines can be tasted in a relaxed atmosphere and guests can observe first-hand the rhythms of a young, dynamic winery.