Too many times we see the food pairing of Cantuccini with Vinsanto. Our Vinsanto is not only for dessert! It is perfect to pair with cheeses too! Here some info about it!

Here some tips to prepare a special dinner with your friends!

The traditional Dessert Wine VINSANTO is well know all over the world.

The food pairing with Cantuccini biscuits make it one of the most funny and well know dish from the tourist that visit Tuscany for the first time!

Our Vinsanto Baruffo is different, it is not the classic dessert wine to pair with cakes and biscuits… his sweetness and persistance describe it like an unique wine and unforgettable from the people that taste it for the first time!

It is produced from two different white grapes: Trebbiano and Malvasia and it ages for many years (with the skins of the grapes at the top) in wooden barrels that stay outside.

Why this strange method? In winter the temperatures go down and the Vinsanto stop the fermentation. In summer start again the fermentation with the highest temperatures (the skins of the grapes make a “film” protection)

With this method born a new wine that need time and patience, but the result is guaranteed!

With the flavours of Honey and Dry fruits it is an invite to everybody that loves the sweet wines!

To the taste we can feel the Dry Figs, Apricot, Honey and at the end arrive the Almond note that save the dessert wine. It is not too sweet: it is persistance and so tasty!

Food Pairing?

Forget the traditional couple of “VINSANTO E CANTUCCI”… and go to buy a big form of Cheese!

If you love Goat Cheese and Pecorino Cheese you will found the perfect food pairing to have with!

Taste our Vinsanto and you will no forgive it anymore!

You will found it on our Shop Online or if you prefer you can visit us  to taste it with us!