The traditional food pairing in Tuscany that you can’t forget!

When you arrive in Tuscany it is natural to stop in one of the first typical restaurants to try the perfect pairings for each food:

  • Ham and melon. The summer appetizer is easy to prepare, tasty, loved by adults and children. In combination with a good glass of Rosato Petali it will refresh the sultry days of July!

  • Pappa al Pomodoro. A few simple ingredients: tomato and stale bread. A great way to recycle the bread left over from the previous days. A simple, tasty and ANTI-WASTE dish. In combination with our Bianco Cantavento you won’t know how to resist it!

  • Florentine tripe. If you come to Florence, stop at one of the many quays to not miss the chance to taste the famous sandwich full of green sauce and pepper. Pairing? Chianti Classico Baruffo! Acidity, persistence and tannins that will clean the mouth well from the fat of the tripe!
  • Florentine steak. Dish not to be missed, Quick cooking, two / three minutes per side, full of succulence and fats that will make a simple taste a delirium of flavors that will captivate you. Abbimanento? Chianti Classico Gran Selezione! Our novelty this year: the selection of the best Sangiovese grapes from the most special vineyards of our company, the oldest ones!

Grilled BBQ T-Bone Steak

Only a few of the many combinations that you can find by visiting us in our hills!