The benefits of Extra Virgin Olive-Oil

It’s incredible how much olive oil we can use during the day.

ExtraVergine Olive Oil (EVOO) means an oil that come from the first pressing of olives.

The best process of extraction of Olives is a Cold Press to not affect its innate quality.

Olio ExtraVergine

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used a lot in the Italian Cuisine

It is a good rule to accompany all dishes of meat, fish, soups and bruschetta.

Why we should use the Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • Protects the liver
  • Help the digestion
  • Regulate the intestine
  • Help the Skin

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With the cold pressing of our olives, Leccino Moraiolo and Frantoio is an olive oil that conquers the palate thanks to its natural bitterness and light spiciness!

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