5 tips to Visit Tuscany in Autumn

“Petali” there is a reason why!

When we look the label of our Petali Rosso IGT oder our Petali Rosato IGT mean that the name of the wine is easy like the wine taste.

Petali mean Petal of Roses Petal of flowers, a wine that remember the floreal notes, the notes of a wine fresh and young!

The fruits notes give a wine so tasty and fresh, so easy to drink! The Sangiovese that we love so much!

The bottle that we have everyday to share on the table with our family, or the bottle that we drink with our friends?

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We are open during the Weekend too!

From 1st March we are open everyday… Weekend too!

Our Staff is waiting you!

We are open for Wine Tasting, Wine Tour, Shipping and Shopping!

To book your wine tasting you can visit our website and you can choose one of the 4 different types of Tastings!

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  1. Wine Tour and tasting of 8 wines and Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting
  2. Wine Tour and tasting of 6 wines and Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting
  3. Wine Tour and tasting of 4 wines and Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting
  4. Grappa di Vinsanto “Baruffo” Riserva tasting
You will leave with a big SMILE!

You need only to choose the day of your arrive, the number of the persons and we will do the rest!

We wait you!

5 Tips for a good wine tasting!

Here some tips to have a perfect wine tasting!

There are some rules to respect to face a tasting and enjoy it as well as possible!

  1. Tasting in the Morning! We talk about lucidity. In the morning we are in full focus and it will be much easier to concentrate on the characteristics of the wine that we have in the glass!
  2. No Coffee! No Cigarettes! It is a good rule not to smoke and do not drink coffee before a tasting! The coffee will leave a bitter taste in your mouth that will influence the olfactory taste sensations of your wine! Same for smoking!
  3. No Spicy food!

    If you are eating and you have a bottle of wine to enjoy, it would be better to avoid spicy foods.

  4. Taste it! But in moderation … After some tastings our palate remains a little “neutralized”, in practice the alcohol starts to circulate in our body. For this reason it is a good rule to use Sputavino  that will help you to better face more tastings! So simply tastes and… spits!

  5. Between each taste of wine, take another sip… of water! It will be the best strategy to clean up our mouth from the wine we had just tasted!

Taste it with moderation!

Taste our products with us!

We are waiting for you in our winery to have a tasting with us!

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