Rosè or White wine?

The very hot temperature has come to keep us company in these hot and sultry days of July!

It takes a fresh bottle of Rosato or Bianco to refresh the days!

Rosato Petali: for a fresh and pleasant summer!
Bianco Cantavento: a white Malvasia that will amaze you!

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Hot Season? Refresh you with a bottle of Rosè or a bottle of White Wine!

Very hot days during June!

Today we had 49° of temperature outside in our Tuscan Hills!

It’s a perfect day to open a beautiful bottle of Rosato Petali! Served fresh, around 9 ° / 10 ° it is a bottle that refreshes and invites to fill the glass again.

Our Bianco Cantavento it’s simply unique!

White Malvasia is a grape that accompanies us with its aromaticity. A white that has been described several times with the term “Strange” but excellent to accompany an evening based on Cheese, based on Truffle or the inevitable summer dish: Pasta with Pesto!

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Primavera and Rosè wine

This spring will be in company of our Rosè Petaliand our White Wine Cantavento!

A different white wine? Cantavento is the answer! Aromatic, persistent, full of taste… Finally a DIFFERENT white wine.

Our Rosè Petali is a 100% Sangiovese that is aged in Steel tank for just few months. The freshness and sapidity is perfect to pair with vegetables, salads, fish…

Rosè Petali

The White Wine Cantavento of Malvasia have a different body: persistent and full of body and is a perfect wine to pair with dish with truffles, Fish and strong Cheese like Goat Cheese or Blue Cheese.

Served with a temperature of 8/9 degrees, they are the perfect bottles to drink during Springtime.

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