Let’s book a wine tasting in our winery, we will do the rest!

Chianti Gourmet Experience

On September 28th and 29th don’t miss the fantastic Chianti Gourmet Experience’s event. The previous edition took place at Vertine involving thousands of wine and food enthusiasts.

This year the event will take place at Castello di Meleto, where the wineries of the area, the breweries, the restaurants will be present with the participation of some of the greatest Italian star chefs.

Impara la pronuncia On 29 September we will also be present with our wines, we are waiting for you !!

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You can visit our winery, we will help you to accompain you during the wine tour of our winery to discover our world!

We will finish with a wine tasting of our wines that you can choose directly on our winery!

Wine’s Temperature

Each wine have a perfect temperature, specially during this summer days.

On our Winery we have the special machine “Wine Please” that help us to serve the wines with the right temperatures.

Our Rosè and our White wine are served with a temperature of 9/10°, the perfect temperature to describe the perfect quality.

The red wines are served with a temperature of 18° but only our Red Petali is served with a coolder temperature (14°), the single one that could be served a litte bit coolder.

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June in Tuscany!

Tuscany finally have the perfect summer days. Finally the sun follow us every day.

It is the best moment to enjoy a beautiful glass of Rosato Petali or a glass of our White wine Cantavento

Our Rosè Petali is perfect to pair with Salads, Fish, Vegetables, Cold rice… Summer dishes that are light! But you can enjoy it as like an aperitive too to share with friends or family!  

The White Wine Cantavento could be paired with Truffles, Cheeses but also Fish! And if you love Pasta with Basil Pesto… it is perfect!

5 Words that describe Tuscany

How could you describe Tuscany?

Which word describe Tuscany with the best method?

5 Tips for a good wine tasting!

Here some tips to have a perfect wine tasting!

There are some rules to respect to face a tasting and enjoy it as well as possible!

  1. Tasting in the Morning! We talk about lucidity. In the morning we are in full focus and it will be much easier to concentrate on the characteristics of the wine that we have in the glass!
  2. No Coffee! No Cigarettes! It is a good rule not to smoke and do not drink coffee before a tasting! The coffee will leave a bitter taste in your mouth that will influence the olfactory taste sensations of your wine! Same for smoking!
  3. No Spicy food!

    If you are eating and you have a bottle of wine to enjoy, it would be better to avoid spicy foods.

  4. Taste it! But in moderation … After some tastings our palate remains a little “neutralized”, in practice the alcohol starts to circulate in our body. For this reason it is a good rule to use Sputavino  that will help you to better face more tastings! So simply tastes and… spits!

  5. Between each taste of wine, take another sip… of water! It will be the best strategy to clean up our mouth from the wine we had just tasted!

Taste it with moderation!

Taste our products with us!

We are waiting for you in our winery to have a tasting with us!

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