Chianti Gourmet Experience

On September 28th and 29th don’t miss the fantastic Chianti Gourmet Experience’s event. The previous edition took place at Vertine involving thousands of wine and food enthusiasts.

This year the event will take place at Castello di Meleto, where the wineries of the area, the breweries, the restaurants will be present with the participation of some of the greatest Italian star chefs.

Impara la pronuncia On 29 September we will also be present with our wines, we are waiting for you !!

Manual or Mechanical Harvest?

Why do we prefer a manual harvest compared to a mechanical harvest?
The mechanical harvest is faster and easier, a machine that collects every bunch of grapes present in the row without looking at the quality of the grapes

Manual harvesting is much more difficult and takes much longer. But the final quality of the product is the best.

With a manual harvest you can choose, based on the experience and skill of the collector, the best bunches where there are no signs of mold, damage caused by insects or bad weather.

Only the best bunches will be selected manually to be used for a slow and long process of fermentation, maceration and aging in wood.

This is the care we have for our grapes that will be used to create our future Chianti Classico Riserva and Gran Selezione.

How you can age a bottle of wine. Here some tips:

Visit a winery to do some “Shopping”

Found the perfect bottle of wine that you can age on you cellar.

Here you can found some tips to have a perfect cellar in perfect conditions.

  • Leave the bottle in a dark room.
  • The temperature need to be medium-cold (14°-18°) with an humidity between 60% and 80%.
  • Position of the bottle: ORIZONTAL. The bottle will be with a natural cork when it will be possible to age it for years. It’s really important to know that the cork will be in contact with the wine to be wet every time. With this method the wine will be protected by the oxidation process.

Look what a great surprise could give you the time of the waiting during a wine ageing process of a bottle of wine. Be suggested by the wine maker to know the time of ageing of a bottle of wine.

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Rosè or White wine?

The very hot temperature has come to keep us company in these hot and sultry days of July!

It takes a fresh bottle of Rosato or Bianco to refresh the days!

Rosato Petali: for a fresh and pleasant summer!
Bianco Cantavento: a white Malvasia that will amaze you!

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The traditional food pairing in Tuscany that you can’t forget!

When you arrive in Tuscany it is natural to stop in one of the first typical restaurants to try the perfect pairings for each food:

  • Ham and melon. The summer appetizer is easy to prepare, tasty, loved by adults and children. In combination with a good glass of Rosato Petali it will refresh the sultry days of July!

  • Pappa al Pomodoro. A few simple ingredients: tomato and stale bread. A great way to recycle the bread left over from the previous days. A simple, tasty and ANTI-WASTE dish. In combination with our Bianco Cantavento you won’t know how to resist it!

  • Florentine tripe. If you come to Florence, stop at one of the many quays to not miss the chance to taste the famous sandwich full of green sauce and pepper. Pairing? Chianti Classico Baruffo! Acidity, persistence and tannins that will clean the mouth well from the fat of the tripe!
  • Florentine steak. Dish not to be missed, Quick cooking, two / three minutes per side, full of succulence and fats that will make a simple taste a delirium of flavors that will captivate you. Abbimanento? Chianti Classico Gran Selezione! Our novelty this year: the selection of the best Sangiovese grapes from the most special vineyards of our company, the oldest ones!

Grilled BBQ T-Bone Steak

Only a few of the many combinations that you can find by visiting us in our hills!

Hot Season? Refresh you with a bottle of Rosè or a bottle of White Wine!

Very hot days during June!

Today we had 49° of temperature outside in our Tuscan Hills!

It’s a perfect day to open a beautiful bottle of Rosato Petali! Served fresh, around 9 ° / 10 ° it is a bottle that refreshes and invites to fill the glass again.

Our Bianco Cantavento it’s simply unique!

White Malvasia is a grape that accompanies us with its aromaticity. A white that has been described several times with the term “Strange” but excellent to accompany an evening based on Cheese, based on Truffle or the inevitable summer dish: Pasta with Pesto!

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The words that we love to receive from a review

Do you have time to relax yourself?

Sometimes we receive some reviews from our guest that visit us. We are very happy to know that a lot of our clients love to stay in our company.

The words that we love to read:

  • Kindless: We love to welcome our guest in our winery, in our family, in our world. Kindless is one of the most important word that we want to show to our guest… because we work with the wine just for they! And we want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
  • Love to visit our Ancient Brick Kiln from the XV century. This is a mix a past and present that it’s incredible to see!  
  • Great time. When a person have a good time and when have fun with friends and family the time rush!
  • Meet the Cantalici Brothers! During a visit it’s so easy to meet they, they will have a short chat with you but you will fall in love with the passion that will trasmit to you!
  • Smile. Sometime we are sad, or serious because we had a bad journey… but the guest when they leave our winery they have a great smile! It’s really important to leave they an emotion (a good memory) of our Tuscany region!
  • Raimbow. Our last review that we received tell these words: “We are arrived with the rain and we leave with a great raimbow and a smile on our face!”

There are a lot of words that describe our work, but we are so glad of our guest that we need to say: THANK YOU!

We want to say THANK YOU to Couple Backpacks that visited us last week!

Writing about us… on Wine Critic!

Raffaele Vecchione write about the beauty of our hills and the great power of our Chianti Classico region!

In the article are nominated some wines of the territory that were really appreciated: the Chianti Classico, Riserva and Gran Selezione!

“Petali” there is a reason why!

When we look the label of our Petali Rosso IGT oder our Petali Rosato IGT mean that the name of the wine is easy like the wine taste.

Petali mean Petal of Roses Petal of flowers, a wine that remember the floreal notes, the notes of a wine fresh and young!

The fruits notes give a wine so tasty and fresh, so easy to drink! The Sangiovese that we love so much!

The bottle that we have everyday to share on the table with our family, or the bottle that we drink with our friends?

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