Happy Hallo…wine!

Autumn with its cooler temperatures and the granite fog that makes the atmosphere darker … opens the door to Halloween.

Everyone is getting ready to celebrate this festival that every year becomes more popular and celebrated all over the world.

Wich is the best way to celebrate Halloween ? Only 3 basic elements are necessary:

  1. Good friends. Surround yourself with people who know how to make you spend an evening of laughter and smiles!

  2. An appetizing dinner based on typical seasonal products: Pumpkin and Chestnuts
  3. Obviously you can’t miss a good bottle of wine!

Visit our website. Choose the bottle of wine that will make the difference during the Halloween party you have organized!

A suggestion? If you have prepared a Pumpkin Soup, accompany it with some goat cheese to let it melt inside! And open a good bottle of Bianco Cantavento wine!

Another little tip … if you put the chestnuts in the oven, open a nice bottle of Tangano that will let fall in love your guests!

If you prefer, come and visit us to the Winery and taste our products with us to find your ideal match!

Happy Hallo…Wine to everybody!!

Harvest is near…

During the next days we will start a new harvest. We will have a manual harvest to select the best grapes that we have in our fields.

A manual selection of our grapes will give us a great final quality. We will inform you soon to let you know some news!

Expo Greve 2019

Expo Greve is near!

From 5 to 8th September there is the fabolous event of Expo Greve in Greve in Chianti where the greates wine producers will meet in the main street of the village.

It is an event that every year let meet many wine lovers but also many tourists that come from different part of the world.


THURSDAY 05 2019 September

5pm Opening of wine tasting and “cut of the ribbon” cerimony

5pm Opening of wine tasting and “cut of the ribbon” cerimony

17:00 19:00 Music with “Amici dì Chianti” Piazza Matteotti

17:00 22:00 Wine tastings Piazza Matteotti

Apertura Stand e Padiglione degustazioni per l’assaggio dei vini in esposizione con possibilità di acquisto presso gli stand dei produttori.

18:00 – 19:00 “OTTO COMUNI, UN GRANDE TERRITORIO” Giardino Incontri

Meeting with the mayors of the Chianti Classico’s territory.


Fashion show by the Natural Shopping Center “Le Botteghe di Greve”

Friday 06 September 2019

11:00 – 22:00 Wine Tasting in Piazza Matteotti

Apertura Stand e Padiglione degustazioni per l’assaggio dei vini in esposizione con possibilità di acquisto presso gli stand dei produttori.

18:00 – 21:00 MUSICA CON “STREET BAND ATTTRAROBA” Piazza Matteotti

19:00 SPAZIO ALLA FANTASIA Piazzetta delle Cantine

Orchestra, Ensemble e coro della Scuola di Musica di Greve in Chianti



10:00 – 19:00 BORGO ARTIGIANA Via Giuliotti

Artigiani all’opera

11:00 – 20:00 Wine Tasting Piazza Matteotti

Apertura Stand e Padiglione degustazioni per l’assaggio dei vini in esposizione con possibilità di acquisto presso gli stand dei produttori.

15:30 – 16:30 Guided Wine Tasting from RICCARDO MARGHERI Sala Consiliare – Palazzo Comunale

Greve and ENOdintorni: discovering the wine-growing areas of the Municipality of Greve in Chianti” Admission € 15.00 p.p. Info and reservations

16:00 VISITE GUIDATE Piazza Trento

Visite Guidate a Pievi e Castelli di Greve in Chianti e Tour dei Laboratori artigiani


Consegna degli attestati di “Cittadino Emerito”

17:00 Dancing  in Piazzetta delle Cantine

Magie di fine estate

17:30 – 18:30 Guided Wine Tasting from RICCARDO MARGHERI Sala Consiliare – Palazzo Comunale

“La Gran Selezione del trecentenario: alla scoperta dell’annata 2016” Ingresso € 15.00 p.p. Info e prenotazioni

21:00 FESTA DELLA RIFICOLONA Piazza Angelo Vassallo

Benedizione delle Rificolone Sfilata e presentazione – intrattenimento musicale e premiazione della rificolona artigianale più bella Intrattenimento musicale con Cinzia Re

21:30 – 01:00 SPAZIO MUSICA: SBANEBIO CONCERTO SHOW Parco della Piscina

20 anni di TropicalGlamShow Segue DJ Set con BIBI


09:00 VISITE GUIDATE Piazza Trento

Escursione a piedi: La natura e la storia del territorio di Greve in Chianti

11:00 – 21:00 DEGUSTAZIONI Piazza Matteotti

Apertura Stand e Padiglione degustazioni per l’assaggio dei vini in esposizione con possibilità di acquisto presso gli stand dei produttori.

16:00 VISITE GUIDATE Piazza Trento

Visite Guidate a Pievi e Castelli di Greve in Chianti e Tour dei Laboratori artigiani


Spettacolo ed esibizione del Gruppo Storico


Premiazione del concorso fotografico – a cura del Fotoclub Chianti

18:00 SUPER TOMBOLA Piazza Matteotti

a cura della parrocchia di Santa Croce

21:00 PROCESSIONE Chiesa di Santa Croce

Solenne processione del “Diotto”

21:30 “LET’S DANCE 80S” CONCERT Piazza Angelo Vassallo

80’s event night

We will also be attending Expo Greve this year to present all the news of our wine range!

For those who have no way of reaching us in Greve in Chianti, they can always come and visit us on the farm where they can visit the winery and taste our products. Just visit the site to choose the tasting you want to do.

Holidays are finished? Have fun with us!

Ferragosto is only a memory… we need to come back to work and to think abour the daily routine!

We are open everyday for wine tour and wine tasting to help you to found again the smile!

We will visit together the cellar and you will have the possibility to know the story of the family Cantalici, their origins and the passion for the wine production!

The convertion to the BIO – Organic from 2015 changed totally the philosophy of the family. Respect to have a great result: High quality.

Ask us what mean Tangano!

Visit our Website and Book your personal Wine Tasting!!

Cantalici eXperience

Have you booked your tasting? Then the fun will be guaranteed! Before starting the tasting we will leave you a small brochure where you can write down all the personal impressions of the wines that you decide to taste with us!

Every smile will describe the emotion that every wine will leave you!

Come and visit us with our “Cantalici eXperience“‘s brochure and have fun finding the wine that most excited you!

The words that we love to receive from a review

Do you have time to relax yourself?

Sometimes we receive some reviews from our guest that visit us. We are very happy to know that a lot of our clients love to stay in our company.

The words that we love to read:

  • Kindless: We love to welcome our guest in our winery, in our family, in our world. Kindless is one of the most important word that we want to show to our guest… because we work with the wine just for they! And we want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
  • Love to visit our Ancient Brick Kiln from the XV century. This is a mix a past and present that it’s incredible to see!  
  • Great time. When a person have a good time and when have fun with friends and family the time rush!
  • Meet the Cantalici Brothers! During a visit it’s so easy to meet they, they will have a short chat with you but you will fall in love with the passion that will trasmit to you!
  • Smile. Sometime we are sad, or serious because we had a bad journey… but the guest when they leave our winery they have a great smile! It’s really important to leave they an emotion (a good memory) of our Tuscany region!
  • Raimbow. Our last review that we received tell these words: “We are arrived with the rain and we leave with a great raimbow and a smile on our face!”

There are a lot of words that describe our work, but we are so glad of our guest that we need to say: THANK YOU!

We want to say THANK YOU to Couple Backpacks that visited us last week!

Don’t forget the special event of “Radda nel Bicchiere” next weekend!

The 1st and 2th June it will be possible to visit Radda in Chianti and enjoy the special event of “Radda nel Bicchiere

Different wineries of Chianti Classico will partecipate to this event and we will be present too with our products! You can taste our Petali Rosato, White Wine Cantavento, Chianti Classico Baruffo and Chianti Classico Baruffo Riserva!

Don’t forget the special event to taste our new vintages! Visit the website “Radda nel Bicchiere” and receive more info about this special event!

“Petali” there is a reason why!

When we look the label of our Petali Rosso IGT oder our Petali Rosato IGT mean that the name of the wine is easy like the wine taste.

Petali mean Petal of Roses Petal of flowers, a wine that remember the floreal notes, the notes of a wine fresh and young!

The fruits notes give a wine so tasty and fresh, so easy to drink! The Sangiovese that we love so much!

The bottle that we have everyday to share on the table with our family, or the bottle that we drink with our friends?

Buy it on-line in our e-commerce page!

Vinsanto Baruffo

Vinsanto on the table is tradition.

Vinsanto at the end of the meal is… a kiss.

Vinsanto is a sweet finish

Paired with the traditional Cantuccini Biscuits is a sip of sweetness that you need to try one time in your life.

If you love cheese, it is a perfect food paring to share with your friend or your family.

Strong Cheese like Pecorino cheese, blu cheese, Goat cheese.

Remeber: Persistence of the wine and the persistence of the food need to be well balanced!

Try it at home! Vinsanto Baruffo!

Welcome Spring!

The pure air of Tuscany!

Finally a wonderful day with warm temperatures to enjoy!

During the next days we will tell you the news of this new season 2019.

Many restaurants and many hotels start to open again for the new season.

We wait you every day for wine tours and tastings of wine and Olive Oil too.

Fun and relax!

You can book the tasting on our website

We wait you!