When you are hungry and do not want to cook, the best remedy is to prepare the “Fett’unta”

Tuscan bread, possibly heated for a few minutes on the fire … and a string of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our Oil is given by the first cold pressing by the three local cultivars manually harvested at the end of October: Leccino, Morariolo and Frantoio.

These three varieties give bitterness and a slight spicy finish to our bruschetta, leaving our mouth pleasantly fruity and with a delicate tingling that drives us to want it more!

Tuscan bread (strictly not salty) or accompanied by salt and pepper, a touch of garlic and maybe a few slices of tomato and basil is the typical Tuscan dish famous all over the world.

The snack loved by children (… and not only …) and is one of the most requested and most delicious dishes in Tuscany.

Just a bottle of EVOO Oil and a few slices of bread are necessary… easy and funny!!

Have fun with the famous “BRUSCHETTA TOSCANA” 

Try it!