All the people that visit our winery are really impressed from the label of our Chianti Classico Riserva Messer Ridolfo.

In this label you can see a big pyramid of Rynos and a lot of guest ask us the reason why there is this strange imagine!

It is a beautiful painting of the artist Giuliano Ghelli, big family’s friend, he has created this great label.

Why a Ryno’s Pyramid?

The Choosing was born from Carlo and Daniele that when they started to let taste and sell the Chianti Classico Cantalici, it was really appreciated by everybody, especially from women!

Both Carlo and Daniele were thinking about a new bottle of wine with a different character: a big and well structured Riserva loved especially from men!

They have started to talk with the artist Ghelli thinking about a strange but beautiful label for the new wine: Rich of colors, with a design that is not so easy to forget!

The rynos are the symbol of force and power, to describe a wine unique and perfect for special occasion!

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