How you can age a bottle of wine. Here some tips:

Visit a winery to do some “Shopping”

Found the perfect bottle of wine that you can age on you cellar.

Here you can found some tips to have a perfect cellar in perfect conditions.

  • Leave the bottle in a dark room.
  • The temperature need to be medium-cold (14°-18°) with an humidity between 60% and 80%.
  • Position of the bottle: ORIZONTAL. The bottle will be with a natural cork when it will be possible to age it for years. It’s really important to know that the cork will be in contact with the wine to be wet every time. With this method the wine will be protected by the oxidation process.

Look what a great surprise could give you the time of the waiting during a wine ageing process of a bottle of wine. Be suggested by the wine maker to know the time of ageing of a bottle of wine.