Let’s say truth… how many people know Baruffo’s story? We will tell you. In a little village of Chianti, on the top of hills which are in Gaiole, 3 dogs were born…. They are purebrad dogs, all similar, they are 3 wonderful dogs and their mummy is very proud. All similar… not just all, really! One of them has a strange hair which is a revolution, a ruffled, shaggy hair. The little dog seems to be in a fight, a scuffle!!! In Italian scuffle means “Baruffa”, so “Baruffo”  will be his name. Today Baruffo is 7 years old, he is the best dog among all, he is the most lovely dog we have. We decided to make a gift to him: our best wine’s name will be the name of our best dog. Who has never had a dog cannot know what it means to be loved, who has never drank a such wine cannot know what it means to be in love with a wine.