The pleasure of drinking a little bit of Grappa at the end of a meal is a ritual we cannot give up.

But a “meditation Grappa” is something unique: a pleasure, a cuddle, a moment to relax completely.

Our Grappa BARUFFO is different from the others because it is made with the pomace of our Vinsanto.

It has a straw yellow color because it is left even for a few months in wood, this makes it even more unique and special.

The hints go back to those of the Vinsanto: Candied fruit, dried fruit, floral notes … all accompanied by a great softness that makes it a pleasure to the palate.

A Grappa that is perfect to be drunk on its own but if you can accompany it with Dark Chocolate it will excite you even more.

And why not taste it with some vanilla ice cream? To try!

Visit our website to open it with family or friends.

It will be the perfect ending for a lunch or dinner with the people you love the most!