Advanced Bread? Don’t throw it away!

The Tuscan bread … strictly unsalted is the indispensable ingredient for one of the most traditional recipes of the region: The Bread Soup!

It is normal to have some leftover bread during the week.

Many people throw it, now hard, dry and impossible to reuse during meals …

In Tuscany you never throw away, even as soon as we see those small pieces of bread advanced comes to mind just one rececipt… BREAD SOUP!

A delicious and simple recipe to prepare!

Thanks to this poor Tuscan recipe, our grandparents managed to feed entire families thanks to that bread that went on during the days.

With the addition of cabbage, beans and carrots … this dish is famous throughout Tuscany and there is no restaurant that does not propose it in the menu!

Salt, pepper and finally a string of strictly Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil to give it that bitter and slightly spicy note.

A bottle of red wine, our IGT Petali Rosso 100% Sangiovese will perfectly accompany this dish and thanks to its acidity will remove the greasiness of the dish to make each bite more appetizing than the previous one!

For those wishing to try to revive the recipe, no one forbids making changes!

Some add us the potatoes, who prefers a bit of dried tomatoes ..

Try it at home too! Have fun and … Buon Appetito!