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The winery L'antica Fornace

The Cantalici winery is located in Castagnoli, a small medieval hamlet close to the village of Gaiole in Chianti . This is a territory, where vocation of wine and olive oil has roots that go back to the beginning of time, with a lot of estates, in which hard work and commitment, uphold the name of what to all intents is the heart of Siena Classic Chianti. Our winery produces wine and olive oil from beyond 30 years, with care and passion, to obtain products from which stand out with strength the fragrances and the tastes typical of Tuscan land.

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Olive oil production

cantalici - produzione olio

From beyond 30 years, we are active in the Tuscan agricultural sector , producing wine and olive oil with extraordinary organoleptic properties, product of an intensive work.

Wine production

cantalici - produzione vino

Tuscany has a long tradition in the wine production, it is a land full of perfumes, with an ideal climate for growing wine. The Cantalici winery is born by the end of nineties, making during the time a name for itself as an important international reality in the wine production of high quality. The strength is the wise combination of tradition and modernity, distinctive factors of our wines, real essences of taste.

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le colline del chianti

The hilly area, which extends from Firenze, Siena and Arezzo for about 20 Km, it known as “Le colline del Chianti”, famous for the production of vintage red wine.


abbinamento cibo vino

Tuscany boasts an extraordinary food and wine culture, where wine plays a leading role, able to enhance the taste of traditional recipes.